the storm of life

The Truth About The Storms Of Life

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If you have ever been a victim or witness a tsunami, hurricane, sand storm, or windstorm you will have a feel of what a storm of life looks like.

Natural storm, like the spiritual storm, does no one good except those who benefit from the misfortune of others.

What is a storm of life?

Like the natural storm, it is a negative billow of life that alters one’s comfort, happiness, and wellbeing. Storms are a reflection of a physical disaster, loss, backwardness, and unexplainable experiences of life. This is a period you get to your wits’ end. Then, your best effort was not yielding any results. At that point, you doubt if you are a child of God.

 During the storm of life, God seems far or total absence. This is after you have gone through the best spiritual exercises you know. Even you have got your friends and spiritual leaders pray the prayer of agreement to no avail. At that juncture, you are tempted to throw in the towel of your faith. All of those nasty situations are the storm of life.

I don’t like pain or difficulty and I know you don’t like it either. But life has a way of bringing the storm to us whether we ask for it or not. In life, the difference between those who sank with their problem and those who became stronger is their level of understanding.

What are the truths about the storms of life?

The negative experience of life can either make us better or bitter. But the situation can be overwhelming if you don’t have the proper understanding of the truth about the storm of life. If you know the truth, the pressure will be lesser and easier to overcome.

Let see some of the salient facts about the challenges of life.

1. It is the effect of the fall. Genesis 3:16-19. To every sin comes the corresponding effect. When Adam and Eve fell in the garden, we fell along with them. So the curse that God placed on them came over every one of us. Since then the world’s peace has not remained the same.

 As a result of sin, death, sickness, misfortune, and failure have become a portion of the human race. That you are facing a severe problem is not always because you sinned or incompetent. It is one of the imperfections of the sin socked world. And this situation will not change until Christ returned to perfect everything.

2. Everyone has a bit of it. Job 14:1. On this side of life, everyone will have a taste of the unpleasant situation in one form or the other. In all of the scriptures, whether Old or the New Testament, everyone tasted the bitter pill of the weather of life.

The truth about the storm of life is it affects the high and the mighty. The good, the bad, and the ugly will have a dose of this bitter pill. Just as we have pain, sickness loss, and death in the family of the poor, the rich also cry. So the earlier you accept this truth, the better.

3. It can be a test of your faith. To believe you will be immune from the storm of life simply because you are living right with God will be self-deceit. In fact, children of God will experience problems and challenges like any other person on this side of life.

This will follow the examples of great Bible heroes like Daniel, Job, and the three Hebrew boys. Jesus told his disciples to expect challenges and storms of life. Mark 10:28-30. So the storm is also part of the salvation package.

4. It is a passing experience. Nothing remains permanently. No matter how sweet a portion of food is, the taste will past away. Equally, the taste of the bitter pill will also vanish with time. In the same way, the negative storm of life comes and will go.

 To accept this fact will aid the grace of God on you to bear the tough time. You will agree with me; it is easier to bear with an overbearing visitor you know his or her departure time. Therefore, see the current challenges as a transiting visitor that would soon take its leave.

5. Only you can determine the effect of the storm. Common sense dictates you take the necessary precautions if you are in a storm-prone region. The precautions will limit the effect of the disaster when it comes.

In the same way, a grieving person with the best encouragement will determine how much the loss can affect him. A counselor can do to the level the bereaved will follow his advice.

Only you can determine how far you will allow the devil to rejoice and have the last laugh over your predicaments. David truly acted as a man of God when the child from the illicit affair between him and Bathsheba died. 2 Samuel 12:15-24.

 He did the best he could do (pray and fast) while the child was sick. But he resigned to fate when the child died. This was because he knew God held the power of life and death in his hands.

Beloved, what happens to you is not as important as your reactions to it. However, your reaction is a reflection of your internal state. If you are defeated within, then, you will easily give up.

Like David, you can put your failure and misfortune behind you and forge ahead with a renewed vision from God. Incidentally, no one does that for you than yourself. This one of the greatest truths about the storm of life you must never forget.

6. In all, the Lord is good. There is no better time for you to confirm your loyalty to God than during the trial of life. Hear what Job has to say, “though he slays me.” Job 13:15.

The three Hebrew boys also affirm their unalloyed trust in God in the face of death. Daniel 3: 16-18. I know is natural to ask where God is during the challenges of life. But if you have studied your Bible enough you will notice he has always been with his children through thick and thin.

So yours is not an exception. He never promised you would feel his presence, but assured his presence will always be with you. Whether it is the loss of a loved one, a job, property, or marriage the Lord is good.

In my culture, we have this belief that you must choose between dying young or die aged with a lot of negative stories to tell. But if I were you, I will embrace these truths about the storm of life and ask God to increase my faith to overcome whatever challenges that will come my way.

 It is the promise of God as confirmed by the Bible heroes and contemporary people that people who waited on God during trial comes out better and not bitter. It is your turn to testify.

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