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The presence of God in a person’s life and family, life, and ministry should be the ultimate desire of everyone, especially the children of God. Nothing sinks a person’s faith other than accepting false beliefs about God. This is because knowing little about a person would not give you the best understanding of the person. And such a wrong judgment about the fellow will deny you the best from him.

For instance, if all you know about God is he is a caring God, then, you have not known him. That is not all about God. God is a killer and destroyer. The greater his love, the terrible his judgment. So knowing the details of what the presence of God entails, will not only help you trust him more. but also build your faith when the chips are down. Though none of us likes that, those trying periods will come.

Now let us look at a few wrong notions about the presence of God. You may have a problem with what I am about to say if you belong to the group or church where all you hear is it is well with you throughout. They say you are blessed in the morning, afternoon, and evening, even if you are not living right with God. They often forget God says, “tell the wicked it shall not be well with him.”

The followings are the top false belief about the presence of God.

1. You can feel his presence if he is with you.

This is a wrong judgment and test to confirm the presence of God. You will be bringing God to your level if our unreliable five senses knew his presence. That something is going fine is not a sign God is involved. Also, a negative situation is not a sign of God’s absence. Often, we feel God is absent when we pass through the dark corridor of life. Many Bible characters and contemporary fathers have had reasons to question God’s presence when the going gets tough. Psalm 13:1, Matthew 27:47. That you can see or feel his presence does not mean he has abandoned you.

2. Everything will all be well. You would be missing a great deal if this false belief about the presence of God that you would not face the challenges of life.

Romans 8:28. This Bible passage is one of the most misinterpreted portions of the scripture. That passage those not imply every negative situation will always turn good for a child of God. Some situations on this side of life will turn ugly until we get to the other side of life before knowing why or how. Therefore, your belief system is faulty if you believe the presence of God will mean a good time always. King David even wondered why it is well with the wicked, while many are passing through tough times. Psalm 73.

3. You are immune from danger and evil.

One of the wrong beliefs about the presence of God held by some Christians is you are shielded from evil and the challenges of life once you give your life to Christ. The televangelists that promise miracles, healings, deliverance without holiness, and righteous living compounded the situation. Since people love the easy way out, they fall for deceit.

 Go through the scriptures you find every human being had a dose of the negative experience of life. Apostle Paul never left us in doubt in his statement in 2 Timothy 3:12. Therefore, be ready for challenges if you want to please God or achieve any worthwhile thing in life.

4. We feel the presence of God during worship and praise. Another false belief about the presence is the feelings we experience during praises.

Limiting worship to the time of the song at home, fellowship, or in the church reduces our allegiance to God. Some believe the presence of God comes down when we change the tempo of our musical instruments from a fast beat to a solemn beat. Often this is accompanied by the raising of hands. At this stage, you feel a certain sensation in your body. None of those feelings show God’s presence. After all, there are several other means of raising our emotions and sensation. Our money, body, possession, opportunities, and life are worship.

Now you know those false beliefs about the presence of God would make you doubt His ability.

Dearly beloved, seek a personal experience with God than depending on feelings. The Bible even says our hearts can deceive us.

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