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A Journey Through 52 Reasons To Thank God

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There are several reasons to thank God. However, this post covers only 52 of such reasons to thank God. That summarises the 52 weeks in a year. So on average, one reason represents a week. You, like me, are often forgetful or unappreciative of the goodness of God. That could be because we felt we deserved more than that or we got what we had because we were smarter than the other folks.

 Usually, the time we remember thanking God is when you see those worse off, though they put in more than us, or most times at the funeral. Perhaps you will have a rethink after going through my list of reasons to thank God.

  2. Domestic accidents. Research says road, rail, air, and sea accidents combined are less than domestic accidents. You also need to appreciate that.

 Active 1: God created you as a human. It is not your choice but God that he made you human. He could have made you a goat or a rock.

 4. From natural disaster. Many are dead through the natural disaster. That you escaped all of them is a miracle.

 5. Salvation. I don’t know any greater gift after life than salvation. You can’t buy it. That is why you must appreciate God for it.

 6. Gift of sleep. Good sleep is a gift from God.

 7. Digestive system. As simple as that may sound, ask those running dialysis because their organ failed.

 8. Thank God for the disappointment from people. It is natural to run to family and friends in times of need. However, disappointment from them makes us return to God, who will not fail.

  9. For unanswered prayer. Answers to prayers are not always “yes”. Sometimes God’s best answer is “No” because that is best for us at the moment.

 10. For drugs and medication that are working. That you fell ill, took drugs and it worked for you is enough reason to appreciate God.

 11. For conscience that is not dead to sin. If your conscience pricked you for doing something bad, then you are in the good book of God.

 12. For having people to correct and discipline us. One of the terrible things in life is not to have people say you are wrong. Surely you are heading towards destruction. So praise God for that.

 13. For those who do not see any good in us. We show our best when someone pushes us to the wall. That is what those criticizing you do for you.

 14. Making progress with limited resources. Look around you. With little or nothing, you can still go this far. You should appreciate God.

 15. Sound health 3 John 1:2. It is only money you do not have, but you are not sick. Many wished to exchange their wealth with sound health.

16. Family and friends: The blessing of loving relationships. Psalm 127:3. Thank God you have a family. Many go to any extent to purchase a child. Companionship enriches life. Loneliness kills quickly. Proverbs 17:17.

 17. Education: Access to knowledge broadening perspectives. Proverbs 9:10.

 18. Peace. God gave you peace amid chaos and challenges of life. Philippians 4:7.

 19. Challenges and opportunities for growth and resilience. This brings out the best in you the way hit water brings out the best in a tea bag. James 1:

 20. Forgiveness: The chance to start anew. 1 John 1:9. It is a great experience to give and receive forgiveness from God and men.

 21. Food: Abundance and sustenance to nourish the body. Psalm 136:25. Whether little or much, thank God he provides for you.

 22. Shelter: A safe place to call home. Psalm 18:2. Whether as a landlord or tenant, a decent accommodation or a makeshift. Glorify God that you have a roof over your head.

 23. Faith: A source of strength and hope during tough times. The reason you have not committed suicide is the gift of faith that is keeping you. Hebrews 11:1.

 24. You are unique. Out of the billion of the billion people in the world, there is no exact person like you. Your fingerprint and heartbeat differ. Psalm 139:14.

 25. Freedom. The ability to choose and live freely. Freedom of movement is worth thanking God for. Those in the prison, in police custody, or to be confined to the hospital bed would appreciate freedom Galatians 5:1.

 26. Kindness: Receiving and spreading kindness. Glorify God, someone remembered to bless you with something. In your position of lack, you can give something to someone at least a smile or a hug. Ephesians 4:32.

 27. Serenity. Finding peace within oneself. Philippians 4:6-7. The greatest key to sound health and longevity is peace of mind.

 28. Technology: Tools that simplify and improve daily life. Daniel 12:4. With all its negative tendencies, the best that has happened to our world is the advancement of technology.

 29. Comfort.: A warm embrace during tough times. You have the comfort of men and God during tough times. 2 Corinthians 1:3-4.

  30. Learning from Mistakes. Opportunities to grow and develop. Sometimes there is no better way to learn than through personal mistakes. Proverbs 24:16.

 31. Music: Melodies that touch hearts and souls. Music relaxes the nerves, douses a heavy heart, and heals. 1 Samuel 16:14-23.

 32. Eternal Hope: Believing in a brighter tomorrow. You are sure nothing will be perfect on this side of life, but you will gain all in eternity. Romans 8:18.

 33. Hugs: Physical connections that convey love. In all forms of relationship, a hug shows someone is there for you. Romans 16:16.

 34. The Five Senses The ability to see, hear, taste, touch, and smell. Having your five senses is enough to praise. Some who lose one or two have the remaining functions of those dead. Matthew 13:16.

 35. Achievements: Milestones that mark personal growth. Look around and you will see one thing you did better this year or better than another person. Surely it is a reason to thank God. 2 Timothy 4:7.

 36. The bible. The only sure anchor through thick and thin. 2 Timothy 3:16. That is equally part of the reasons to thank God.

 37. Resilience. Bouncing back is stronger from life’s challenges. You are reading this because the devil or your situation has not kept your back on the floor. Philippians 4:13.

 38. Miracles. Unexplainable moments that inspire awe. That you are alive today is a miracle. Matthew 19:26.

 39. Traditions. Cultural practices that bond communities. God loves variety that is, your culture, customs, and traditions are different. It is a reason to say god I thank you. Deuteronomy 32:7.

 40. Opportunities to Help. Making a difference in someone’s life. Appreciate god that someone could say you are the reason for his success. Hebrews 13:16.

 41. The color of your skin. God placed you in the region of the world that matches your skin color. That is why people get bothered adjusting when they travel to another region of the world. Ecclesiastes 3:11.

 42. New Beginnings: Fresh starts and second chances. That you are alive now means God is not through with you. Others pass away with the mistake you passed through. Lamentations 3:22-23.

 43. Elders and Wisdom. Learning from those who came before us. They help us avoid costly mistakes. Proverbs.

 44. Eternal life. We know we came here sometime and we shall leave at the appointed time. The hope of eternal life keeps us going, irrespective of life’s challenges.

 45. Learning from mistakes. You got over several of your mistakes, but others are dead or never recovered from theirs.

 46. Government. No matter how bad they may be, without them, the strong and wicked will have no restraints on the vulnerable.

 47. Fake drugs and medications. Innocently, you have used or taken fake or adulterated medication that has killed many this year.

48. Food poisoning. Thank God for guiding you and your family from food poisoning. This is also one of the reasons to thank God

49. Impersonation. Currently, some are rotting in jail or detention for crimes they never committed because someone impersonated them.

50. Gun shot. Many died this year through straight, strange, and stray bullets, but God saved you and your family.

51. Kidnapping. This year, the Lord secure you and members of your family from kidnappers and ritualists. This is another reason you should thank God.

52. Spiritual attacks. The most dangerous of all attacks is from the spiritual world and church people. If God delivered you from them, then thank him for that.

Like I said at the beginning of this post, my list of 52  reasons you should thank God are not exhaustive. It only represents the 52 weeks in the year, at an average of one thanks per week.Please share this post with your friends. Do not also forget to add one area you think you should thank God this year in the comment.