Strong Foundation for Success

A Strong Foundation for Success in 2024

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The foundation of every building determines the strength of the building. An error in the foundation will spell doom to the building. The worse is you can’t correct anything when the building is up.

There is no better time to lay the foundation for the year than now. A Nigerian proverb says a child looks forward when he falls to see who will sympathize with him. However, when an adult Falls he looks back to see what caused his fall.

High achievers don’t dwell so much on their past failures Instead, they observed and scrutinized why they failed. Before you lay another foundation for 2024, check why you didn’t achieve your set goal for last year.

To get a result, you should look for what is wrong and not who is wrong. Areas you should check people but are not limited to your relationship with God, people, and your work. All human challenges revolve around our spiritual commitment to God, devotional life, and dedication of our resources to god the owner.

 Another thing is how we relate with family, friends, business contacts, and community. The other is our dedication to our work and wisdom in managing our business.

Isaiah 28:16, Matthew 7:24-27, Psalm 11:3

Why concerned with the foundation?

If you observed the equipment and resources you see at the construction site where engineers are building skyscrapers or bridges is different from the one you see when they are building a bungalow. The reason is the load and situation the foundation will be subject, will face, will be different.

There is one striking difference between the two buildings Jesus highlighted in the above Scripture. The difference is the foundation. Why much ado about the foundation? It is because the storm will come. Look closely at the Bible passage. “When the storm comes.”

The Bible didn’t say if the storm will come, but when the storm comes. This means a storm of life will come. The only way the building of your life can stand the test time is your foundation in Christ.

No matter how promising the year is, the storm will arise. Yet you have no fear if you are rooted in Christ. This is the best way to start the year. Like the Eagle that will not be afraid of the storm, but rode on the storm to a greater level.

How strong should your foundation be?

There is no angle answer to that question. It is a matter of choice. Our taste is different. Also, your dream for the year will determine the type of foundation you will put up.

The foundation for a bungalow is different from a story building, still, it is not the same as a skyscraper. Consequently, how high you want your spiritual life, finance, academic, career, marriage, business, and relationship will determine how deep your foundation should be.

This is why people are often engaged in various spiritual exercises at the beginning of the year as part of the materials to build the foundation for the year. Therefore make up your mind earlier as you may not have the opportunity to change the narratives when the building is up in the year.

How much time resource will the foundation cost?

The size and the depth of the foundation will determine the cost. How much return you wish to see at the end of the year will determine how much you will invest in putting up the foundation.

The man that built on the rock took time to dig until he reached the level he found the rick. This is what you see those constructing bridges and high rising buildings. The other person was so much in a hurry to start the building. So he started on the sand. This year does not be hasty to get a result. Do not cut corners either. If the offer is too good to be thorough, it is probably not through.

Your waiting on God and following the due process is not a waste. You will soon catch up with those who rush out when you meet them counting their losses. Initially, you make loom stupid, but your Investment would soon yield an amazing result.

You can compare this without the planting of corn and cocoa. The cocoa farmer is busy nurturing his cocoa plant long after the corn farmer had harvested his corn and made money several times over. But when the cocoa farmer begins to get his profit, it is in multiple folds that will continue several years with multiple gains.

The cocoa farm sometimes might outlive the farmer. Meaning the weekly wasted time will yield generational profit. Therefore, do everything possible to invest in the foundation of this year for a fruitful 2024. Don’t mind your pockets, and you will have the last laugh.

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The materials you needed for your foundation.

You don’t give the construction of a high-rise building to a technician. Not all engineers are even qualified to handle such a project.

The number one resource you needed to secure a solid foundation this year is your renewed walk with God. Be resolute in living in righteousness with God. Also, have u alloyed faith in him?

Another material you will need this year is prayer. Prayer is both an offensive and a defensive weapon. You will need prayer to both your dream to reality. Also, you will as well use it to ward off powers that will contend with your testimony

Another material that you must include in your material to build a solid foundation is the word of God. This is your drawing on how to both put the foundation of the year and build your life according to the pattern that will give you joy and bring testimony to God.

While those two items earlier mentioned are important, you must not forget the weapon of a relationship. God had a relationship with the Trinity. Therefore, you also need to build a good relationship in every area you wish to see results this year.

I must not also forget to mention training and personal development. An untrained soldier with a gun is a danger to himself and others. The world is dynamic so must you flow with the trend in your field. In essence, learn and improve on the ways you will be doing your thing this year.

Someone defined madness as doing the same thing the same way and expecting a different result. The law if success doesn’t operate that way. Go for training and do things directly. It will surprise you your result may be limited if at all they come if you fail to apply this last point despite religiously applying the other I listed.

What is the effect of your foundation?

Since it is s certain the flood will come against the two buildings on the foundation, what will be the result?

Often you may not know the depth of a foundation of a building or the materials used. All you see is the building. Only time and challenge will tell.

Jesus said, one building crashed while the other stood. What was the difference? The foundation! What was the result of a faulty foundation? The best was great. The mastery beginning came to a halt. Those who first became last. The money and resources the builder intended to save became penny-wise pound foolish. The attempt to shield people from seeing their weakness and struggles becomes the talk of the town.

Regrettably, there is nothing anybody can do to fix a faulty foundation, especially when the main building is up. My beloved, do everything to start the year on a good note. Set your goal. Be focused and steady. This year run your race, but do not compare yourself with others. Prepare for the worse, but hope for the best.