a simple fix for your yearly goals

A Simple Fix For Your Yearly Goals!

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This is the period in the year when people think about a New Year’s resolution. They decide on old habits they want to shed and new habits to cultivate. Before deciding on your New Year’s resolution, I think it is wise to know why your New Year’s resolution didn’t work. This post unraveled why it failed and a simple fix for your yearly goals!

 Often, a few weeks into the year, people feel disillusioned when they fall back to their old selves. Sometimes such people discover they are worse off now than before they set their resolution. Others do not try because they have failed repeatedly. 

Do not worry if this is your story. I am about to share a simple fix for your yearly goals!

Proverbs 21:5, Philippians 3:13-14, Proverbs 3:5-6

What you have tried in the past notwithstanding, following this simple regimen will not only reduce the pressure of achieving your dream lifestyle, but also help you get there easily.  

1. Shooting too high. No one climbs the two rungs of the ladder without falling. You can’t change an old habit overnight. This is the reason your New Year’s decision failed.  

For instance, it will be unrealistic if you want to lose 20 pounds of weight in a month. Just as it is a mirage to change from a pack of cigarettes a day to a stick. But slow and steady is the rule of the game.

 Therefore, setting a simple, moderate, and attainable goal is a simple fix for your yearly goals!

2. Biting the wrong way. Your New Year resolution won’t work if you don’t identify what you want to achieve. Failure to be specific is one singular reason your New Year resolution didn’t work last year.

 If you have two or three habits you want to overcome, you must be specific about which one you want to deal with first. You wouldn’t get any serious results if you chose the toughest habit first. Dealing with the easier habit is the best way to achieve your goal for a change.

3. Not walking your talk. Talk is cheap. Taking baby steps regularly is better than waiting to take a giant step. Delay in taking steps after your decision is the reason you have not met your New Year’s resolution.

Set a time frame for your recovery and start immediately. An imperfect start is better than years of perfect procrastination.

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4. Running a sprint. If you don’t have an accountability partner, it may be difficult to attain your New Year’s resolution. Overcoming a bad habit, most times, is a marathon and not a hundred-meter dash. It will be difficult to attain your goal if you go solo. 

Because some have attained that feat before, they can encourage you on that journey. But if you walk alone, overcoming that habit can be like a mountain. I suggest you find a mentor who will assist you.

 Alternatively, you can get a friend who will watch your progress. Such a friend should be someone you regard so well that can encourage, correct, and rebuke you.

5. Dwelling on the past. With certainty, I can say the experience of your past failed attempt is one reason your New Year’s resolution didn’t work.

You felt your best effort in the past has yielded no positive result. As a result, you concluded there is no reason to try again. Your internal defeat leads you to believe that your new effort will produce almost no results. Therefore, never give discouragement any chance.

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6. You do not reward yourself. Self-motivation is the best form of motivation. If you cannot acknowledge your minor achievement, nothing will not psychologically motivate you. You felt you have failed because you didn’t reach your New Year’s resolution goal. That may not always be true.

7. The journey of a million miles begins with a step. You have made progress if you achieve ten percent of your goal. That may not be the best, yet you are not in the same spot. Therefore, celebrate each milestone on your way to recovery. Surely, this solves achieving your New Year’s resolution.

 8. You ran out of gas too soon. If you want to know why your

 New Year resolution didn’t work and the solution, then ask how persistent are you. You probably gave up too early. No one gets anything worthwhile done in a hurry. 

 Since it took time to form a habit, it will take a longer time to change it. Keep at it even when you are making a snail’s progress. Do not give up when the stake becomes higher. Champions usually endure before they are crowned.

 9. You do not tell yourself the truth. A simple fix for your yearly goals would

not yield a meaningful result if you didn’t tell yourself the truth. Anyone or any method offering you a quick fix to your New Year’s resolution is deceiving you. 

 Perhaps the reason your New Year’s resolution failed in the past was that someone or yourself is not telling the truth about overcoming the negative habit. 

The earlier you accept it would not be a walkover attempt, the better. I am not trying to scare you, but overcoming a habit is tougher than forming it. Yes, it is difficult, but not impossible.

 Following the same approaches over and over may not give a different result. The solutions I have highlighted are not just a simple fix for your yearly goals, but a sure way of attaining your New Year’s resolution.

 Though it will not be easy, following it will answer your past question of why your New Year resolution didn’t work and the solution to it.

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