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3 Crucial Relationships For Success In 2024.

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Life is about relationships. Your success or otherwise in the year will depend on how skillful you are at managing a relationship that comes your way. Though we have several types of relationships, I will lead you through three crucial relationships for success in 2024.

 Relationship matters in every affair of our lives. You’ll need  relationships, in business, sport, or religion. Since you need people to patronize you, it behooves you to maintain a good relationship.

With that in mind, I will run through each of my top crucial relationships for success in 2024.

1. Relationship with God.

Everything thing rises or falls on your relationship with God. My first reason you must be committed to your relationship with God is you do not know what lies ahead of you in the year.

 Though you do not know what the future holds, you can be sure of success if you know the God who owns and knows the future.

With your experience, you would have discovered speculations, and projections of the economic planner sometimes fail. The same goes for the weather forecasters. However, God’s promises and prophecies have not and will never fail.

 He said in his word, the words that come out of my mouth will not return without fulfilling their purpose. This assurance is enough evidence to build and cultivate a healthy relationship with him.

You will understand this better if you can point to one thing he has done for you in the past. That experience should be your assurance, especially if you are sure you are yet to receive that provision because you are smart.

Another reason you need to build a better relationship with God for success in 2024 is the best political and economic viable nations have not predicted a better future. The reason was the world is yet to recover from the effect of covid-19.

Since the human brain has failed, odds are a trust In God that remains our hope. Apart from those reasons I mentioned, the Bible told us unless the Lord builds the house, they labor in vain who builds it; Unless the Lord guards the city, the watchman stays awake in vain. Psalm 127:1. Therefore, it will make no sense to embark on an adventure without his backing this year.

However, I must reiterate mere religious affinities with God will not give you the result you desire. When I speak about a relationship with God, I mean the fellowship that he recognizes. Then God can boldly declare you as his child. As you know, that begins with giving your life to him. What follows is for you to live for him in righteousness privately and publicly.

Apart from that, you act in faith. Those who will enjoy their fellowship with God must be people of faith. That means trusting he is in control when all indicators prove otherwise. That is faith.

Moreover, you must maintain a constant fellowship with God through his word and prayer. With that, you have climbed one of step of the top three relationships for success in 2024.

2. Build a good relationship with your family.

Family is a citadel of security in every situation. You will understand this better if you are a football follower or a player. A football fan or a player understands it is easier to win a home than an away match is. Usually, you are under pressure for the next game if you have lost your home match.

In the same way, being friendly with your family gives you an edge in any of your pursuits. This applies whether you are single or married. Those who are married must take this seriously. That is important because you are no longer two, but one, according to the Bible.

Your first customers are the members of your family. Your chances of success become slim if your family rejects your product. The rejection by your family puts you under emotional stress. In addition, if you don’t have enough courage, you may be frustrated and backed out of your endeavor.

Thus, you must build a good relationship with your immediate family this year for a resounding success. Your family is equally your first marketing officers. That is because they are the first to patronize your product.

When you begin an adventure have a solid agreement with your family members if they will be directly involved in your project. To the married, this will not be an option. It is compulsory.

A good family relationship is a fertile ground for your success this year. The family becomes a refuge and solace when the storm of life visits you.

3. Develop a good relationship with your community.

Messing with your immediate community is a sure way to fail in any endeavor in life.

Apart from your immediate family, your communities are your friends, social group, church, school, market, and others that are potential customers. Part of your core relationship that guarantee your success in 2024 is a good customer relationship.

Having goodwill is surely a winning edge in any area of concentration. A dissatisfied customer will tell more people than a satisfied customer.

Therefore, treat your customers as a king. Though you have your right, as a marketer, producer, or entrepreneur, compromising that right sometimes will make those patronizing you develop confidence in you and your product.

Surely, the solving problem is a key to prosperity and success. Therefore, attend to the complaint of the community you are dealing with.

In the Bible, the Apostles attended to the complaints of the Gracian women, which brought sanctity and peace to the church. That singular act united the church the more and bring increase. In essence, treating your community fairly will improve your relationship and patronage with them.

I strongly desire you will give attention to this list of crucial relationships for success in 2024 as you cannot afford to miss the best for this year.

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