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Unveiling The 6 Implications Of Virgin Pregnancy  You Never Know.

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With this topic, you wonder if we have another Virgin Mary of our time. The post examines the implications of virgin pregnancy or getting pregnant without sexual intercourse. Someone posted on social media about a Christian sister whose church authority disciplined her because she got pregnant without sexual intercourse.

The question has now come up: is virgin pregnancy or getting pregnant without having sexual intercourse with a man, a sin or not?

According to the Christian sister, she had waited, and no man was proposing to her for marriage. And as she got old and neared menopause, she went for artificial insemination. The Christian sister believes she may not get a baby if she reaches menopause, so she goes for artificial insemination.

Though her church disciplined her for that, others are asking if what she did was a sin or not.

Without being judgmental, we shall look at the pros and cons of the matter.

What is artificial insemination?

Let me explain the main concept, which is artificial insemination. Artificial insemination is the process of inserting the sperm of a man into the uterus of a woman to aid pregnancy. The sperm can either be that of the husband or from a donor who may or may not be related to the couple.

Why do people use artificial insemination?

Until now, virgin pregnancy has been employed to assist married couples who are having a problem getting pregnant. But today, young people, especially females, are involved in the process for the following reasons:

Those who want to have children but are not ready for the responsibility of marriage.

As a cover-up for the result of immorality that resulted in pregnancy.

Males and females who have issues with their sperm or complications in their bodies or wombs.

What are the implications of a virgin pregnancy?

The following are a few moral and spiritual implications of virgin pregnancy that you do not know.

  1. That a person is presented with a document of artificial insemination does not necessarily justify her, as documents can be easily doctored.
  2. It violates God’s principle of procreation through marriage. There is only one channel God created to populate the world, and that is marriage. If people can now get babies without that, then marriage will decline and the number of single mothers will increase.
  • It promotes selfishness. One of the problems of this generation is selfishness. Single women or ladies most often choose this method because they don’t want to be subject to a man’s authority and control.
  • It violates the rights of the child. It does not equally take cognizance of the right of the child that will be born to know his or her father. The child is equally denied the opportunity to be trained by both parents. Today, we have websites that cater to children who are seeking to know their biological father because the single mother cannot give a better explanation.
  • It has moral and ethical complications. Raising children without a known father raises the question of the integrity of the church and the community. Apart from that, social stigma for the child will have a negative psychological and moral effect on the behavior and performance of a child who does not know his father.

Also, the paternity of the child resulting from artificial insemination is in doubt. In addition, the medical condition of the donor may not be known, and this could have a side effect on the child.

  • It is a cover-up for sin. Sometimes a person can claim to have gone through artificial insemination to have a child, but in the real sense, she is only covering up her immoral action.

Is it a sin or not?

Having looked at some moral and spiritual implications of virgin pregnancy, we should see if it is a sin or not.

While the purpose of this post is not to condemn, we will consider the Biblical perspective on the matter. The sister in our case study claimed she was nearing menopause and no one was coming to her for marriage. That is her trial of faith, and the Bible says anything outside of faith is a sin. Romans 14:23.

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The Bible and our contemporary world are filled with the testimonies of people who got married and had a baby at an old age. I think her faith was punctured. Let us look at the way Jesus looked at immorality in Matthew 5:28. So an intention to enjoy what the married enjoyed without being married is a sin.

According to Matt Slick, children bearing in God’s plan should be between a married man and his wife. It becomes a sin of adultery if the sperm of another man enters a married woman’s womb even with the agreement of the husband.

The majority are not always right. That Ananias and Saphira agreed to lie about how much they sold their land does not exonerate them from dying. The coming to the world was an agreement between Abraham and his wife, yet the world has not recovered from the implications. Therefore, what God forbids is a sin, no matter how logical it may be. Part of the spiritual implications of virgin pregnancy or getting pregnant without sexual intercourse is the violation of God’s commandment.

In conclusion, the implications of virgin pregnancy, morally and spiritually, are more negative than positive.

So artificial insemination is a sin for someone who is not married. So the implication of getting pregnant without sexual intercourse has multiple negative effects. 

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