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Identifying Mobile Phone Addiction: 11 Warning Signs

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  1. If you always feel your phone is ringing or vibrating. It is an addiction if you often feel your phone is vibrating or ringing only to discover it is not true. Your psyche is so programmed to have the sensation that you are having a call or notification, when in reality it is not true.
  2. If you prefer sending text messages to the conversation. Those addicted to mobile phones will rather send text messages, tweet, chat, or send mail than have conversations.
  3. If you check your phone more often than necessary. You will get an idea of whether you are moving toward addiction or not when you evaluate the number of times you check your mobile phone per day.
  4. If your mobile phone becomes your intimate partner. When your phone must be with you wherever you are, you should consider your excesses. Some are so attached to cell phones that they take them to the toilet and bathroom. If this is you, then you are a mobile phone addict.
  5. If you can’t leave home without it.  Except it is your major working tool, it is an addiction.  You should know your attachment to your handset is becoming unhealthy if you feel disorganized for forgetting your phone at home.

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