About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to help people discover their purpose in life and prepare them for God’s kingdom through the exposition of the word of God.

Our Vision

Our vision is to raise people of impact that are earthly relevant but heavenly-minded.

“At The Levites Chapel International, we believe in fostering a sanctuary of unwavering love, boundless compassion, and transformative grace. Our purpose is to illuminate the path to spiritual growth, creating a vibrant community where all are embraced, inspired, and empowered to discover their unique divine purpose. Join us on this extraordinary journey of faith, as we strive to be the living embodiment of Christ’s love, reaching out to heal, uplift, and unite souls in a world hungry for hope.”

We are a closely-knit and supportive community, working collaboratively on every endeavor to ensure our congregation experiences the very best in every facet of life and fellowship. Join us!

Pastor Joseph Akinrinola

Pastor Joseph Akinrinola has been in the corridor of Sunday school management for over three decades.
He pastored a few Churches before he answered the call of God to start the Levites Chapel International, dedicated to teaching of the total gospel. He is a Sunday school coach, pastor, author, blogger, conference speaker, certified trauma healing expert, and freelance.